Demystifying XDR: Protecting the Endpoint with Dynamic Sources of Telemetry


Published December 2021


The changing nature of threats, combined with staffing shortages, is causing increased disorder in the security world. The good news? Extended Detection and Response (XDR) has the potential to address these industry-wide issues and help teams unlock more efficiency in the SOC. Recently, Rapid7’s VP of Detection and Response Sam Adams joined Forrester SecOps Analyst Allie Mellen to ‘demystify’ XDR.

Access this on-demand session to learn:

  • How analysts are increasingly using XDR to find balance between productivity and security
  • How XDR can help prioritize investigational telemetry to vastly improve incident-response time
  • Why native cloud security capabilities and telemetry sources are crucial as organizations continue to virtually scale
  • How security personnel are beginning to look at XDR as a modern approach to detection and response, and what that means for the broader security architecture

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