Advanced Congestion Control For Addressing Network Performance Bottlenecks Using A Next Generation Interconnect


Published January 2022


The interconnect is one of the most critical components in large-scale computing systems, and its impact on the performance of parallel applications increases with system and workload size. It is crucial for facilitating high performance IO that can keep up with the demands of HPC applications: latency, bandwidth, topology routers, protocols, and must be designed and implemented efficiently to realize the potential of HPC clusters. However, previous generation switch-intensive networks are inherently congestive and directly contribute to poor workload performance.

Originally presented at SC21, this webinar focuses on a next-generation interconnect with an innovative distributed switchless architecture that delivers advances in path diversity, deadlock-free routing and intelligent applications of ultra-high priority QoS. Rockport CTO Matt Williams discusses advances in congestion protection, resiliency, and operational simplicity, and showed best practices for benchmarking to predict performance in production environments.

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