Why Ransomware Hackers Love Microsoft 365

Secure Microsoft 365 data with unified management and fast recovery from ransomware or accidental data deletion


Microsoft 365 is the cornerstone of business continuity, especially in these days of remote work. Plenty of enterprise leaders recognize this but so do attackers. In fact, there is nothing quite so precious to businesses large and small, which makes the Microsoft 365 platform a target for ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Microsoft has built robust tools to help businesses tackle key risk points, along with providing retention policies, litigation controls, compliance, and governance but what enterprise clients will immediately miss in the event of an attack are all the fast, reliable recovery tools that are not part of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft understands that its platform is not equipped for deep recovery of data and even recommends a third-party solution to help businesses get back to work without long, expensive downtimes from restoration efforts. The tech giant has partnerships, including an equity role, in leading companies like Rubrik for this reason—to allow enterprises to get back up and running after ransomware (or even accidental data deletion) in no time.

Join Rubrik cloud and data security expert Drew Russell and Principal Product Marketing Manager Kim Lambert with Situation Publishing’s moderator, Nicole Hemsoth, for an in-depth conversation on what you might be missing beyond mere compliance and policies. We will talk through what an extra layer of protection means for your company’s valuable data and for continued, successful collaboration.

What to expect from this dynamic conversation:

  • Understand the potential vulnerabilities associated with your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Learn how Rubrik secures your Microsoft 365 data with unified management across your data centers and cloud applications, for fast recovery from ransomware or accidental data deletion.
  • Engage with a demo of the Rubrik solution for Microsoft 365.