Complete Zero Trust For Your Users

On-demand Webinar

Published January 2022

Bringing it all together – The Palo Alto Networks Zero Trust Enterprise Framework

Zero Trust with Zero Nonsense. With thousands of customers and deployments across the entire cybersecurity ecosystem, we know security is never one size fits all.

Organizations are transforming to accommodate the hybrid workforce, data center cloud migration and SOC automation. In response, many security vendors have begun to recommend Zero Trust. However, they often end up pointing back to their point solutions. Modern board members and C-level executives want and expect a systematic cybersecurity approach to rebuild risk management.

In this session, Palo Alto will:

  • Explain the need for Zero Trust in the modern Cyber Security market
  • Define the main use cases where to apply Zero Trust
  • Explore the four pillars required to deliver Zero Trust for Users
  • Identify capabilities, products and features that align in the Zero Trust for Users framework

Join Palo Alto to learn more about Zero Trust benefits for better security outcomes, simplified infrastructure, lower cost to manage and easier to operate.

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