Transforming enterprise networks with intelligent automation and NetDevOps

Bring speed, agility, and reliability to your IT infrastructure


NetDevOps applies industry-leading DevOps management to an enterprise network. Leveraging intelligent infrastructure management and automation, it creates transformational change to increase a network's performance, resilience, and security, improving the operational focus of IT and network teams. NetDevOps enhances agility, speed, and simplicity through intelligent network automation to enhance a network’s availability, quality, and reliability, aligning it with business needs.

But it’s a new field, rapidly evolving, so choose tooling and processes wisely: you will either limit your horizons and steepen your learning curve, or provide a springboard to de-risk your network for previously unattainable levels of performance and stability. If you suspect automation and NetDevOps might be the answer to your network woes, tune into our Regcast and hear from Chris Grundemann of GigaOm, as well as Ernest Lefner and Michael Haugh from Gluware. They'll be talking to the Reg's Tim Phillips about:

  • How NetDevOps and intelligent network automation can help achieve operational alignment between IT and business objectives
  • How to adopt NetDevOps methodologies for your use case
  • How the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation platform automates enterprise IT networks to support businesses amidst cloud adoption, digital transformation, and IT modernization