Your #1 Priority: Solving The UK Education’s IT Challenges


Published March 2022


Earlier this year Lenovo commissioned some original research on the UK education sector. They spoke to teachers, students, parents, and IT administrators, to discover the themes that lay behind their challenges. Lenovo also asked what they want from technology and the steps they are taking to help their students catch up. They then added that to their knowledge from working with thousands of schools and universities.

The resulting report, Your #1 priority: solving the UK education’s IT challenges, provides a number of recommendations, all of which are based on the top priorities of the people Lenovo spoke to.

These recommendations include:

  • Better training to deliver blended learning
  • A more long-term focus on tech buying decisions
  • The ability to remotely access powerful machines

There’s a lot more and you can download a copy below. Lenovo hopes you find it of use.