Mitigate zero-day exploits

Meet the experts, learn their methods


Remediating zero-day vulnerabilities is a strain on your security practice, and your DevOps too. So how are the experts coping?

In this webinar, The Reg's Tim Phillips brings together three experienced practitioners who will share their insights, tell us how they managed the recent Log4Shell zero day incident, and how they manage vulnerabilities in open-source code, enterprise web applications and APIs.

You will hear from Larry Maccherone, now of Contrast Security and formerly in charge of DevSecOps at Comcast, as well as Contrast customers Sandor Incze, the CISO of, Darius Radford, Security Architect at Floor and Décor and Joe Zanchi, Lead Cybersecurity Policy and Standards at Humana. In this Regcast, the panel will cover:

  • Understanding your open source and keeping it close to “latest”
  • Whole-app analysis, and why it is better at finding vulnerabilities
  • How to block attacks short-term without a WAF