Self-Driving Data Management

Don’t just Automate it, make it Autonomous


Is your technology differentiating your business or inhibiting it? Research by Tintri shows that you are four times as likely to think that your tech is getting in the way than to believe it is helping you compete. The problem: the complexity that shows up in thousands of repetitive manual tasks, draining time, money, and the percentage of your working week that you can devote to innovation and driving your organisation forward.

So you’ll want to hear from Mark Walsh of Tintri, who claims that truly autonomous storage can eliminate up to 95% of storage admin drudgery. And you’d also want to hear from Darren Henderson of South Eastern HSC Trust, who has first hand experience of the benefits of using Tintri’s products to create this self-driving Autonomous Data Management infrastructure. They will be talking to The Reg’s Tim Phillips about:

  • The frustrations of managing storage and what is causing them
  • What Autonomous Data Management can deliver
  • A Real World Example of the Implementation and Benefits of Autonomous Data Management