Deliver applications using real-time data

Think like a startup, act like a market leader


Today your customers created custom playlists, ordered an Uber, and followed the progress of their courier. So they know how valuable real-time data can be. But can you deliver applications that take advantage of it?

If you have been holding off because your legacy infrastructure wasn't built with real-time applications in mind, we have the answer for you. Join Michel de Ru of Datastax as he explains to the Reg' Tim Phillips that legacy infrastructure doesn't mean you can't deliver next generation apps: you just need to know how to do it.

In our live Regcast, we will explain:

  • How to find your use case for real-time data
  • The challenges of delivering real-time apps using legacy infrastructure
  • Creating the application your customers want without overhauling your infrastructure by leveraging cloud technology

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