Automation in the Cloud

How can you reduce toil and save costs with Continuous Optimisation?


Does any of this sound familiar? AWS, Azure or GCP spending that goes through the roof when demand spikes. Or maybe you bought extra cloud upfront, to be sure, so you're paying for capacity that you don't use. Or perhaps you have a team struggling to balance your infrastructure with tools, spreadsheets and endless tickets!

Cloud infrastructure and cost management tends to be headache distracting your teams from their valuable work. How do you now get the most out of your cloud infrastructure investment?

In this webinar, we will discover the latest approach organisations across the globe are adopting – continuous optimisation. Using automation these organisations are freeing up application teams to focus on their applications without worrying about their infrastructure.

The latest technological advancements using AI/ML mean that hands-free infrastructure management and cost optimisation for containerised applications is available. Reliable SLA-backed consumption of spot instances is now an option. Complete lifecycle management for reserved capacity planning, purchasing, and portfolio maintenance will no longer be a manual balancing act.

Joining the Reg's Tim Phillips for our latest Regcast are Kevin McGrath of Spot by NetApp and Adam Thornton of CloudBridge. They will explain:

  • What suboptimal cloud infrastructure management could be costing you
  • How Spot by NetApp uses AI/ML to continuously optimise your cloud infrastructure
  • How to set up and manage automated cost optimisation

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