HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

Economic Validation Report Summary

Published April 2022


This ESG Economic Validation focused on the quantitative and qualitative savings and benefits organisations can expect from deployment of an HPE Nimble Storage dHCI compared with a vSAN based HCI solution from a leading vendor to handle the same set of business-critical workloads while delivering as close to equivalent levels of performance and availability as possible.

The HPE Nimble Storage dHCI solution was able to meet the needs of the workload at a cost that was up to 2.5x lower while providing lower latency and higher levels of resiliency. The dHCI solution provided up to a 56% reduction in footprint, 55% lower cost of acquisition, and 53% reduction in operational overhead to deploy, administer, maintain, and support the system.

Learn more in this report, available for download now.

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