Your Best Defense Against Cyber Attacks is an Iron Man Suit for your Data

Some heroes don’t wear capes

Low conviction rates for cyber criminals means that hackers can keep coming back to attack an organization, time and time again. InfoSec and IT teams can’t afford to let their guard down, even inadvertently. . As attacks come from a legion of nefarious sources, it’s imperative to quickly identify, neutralize and remediate on an on-going basis. Your data security solution can serve as a critical tool in the fight against cybercrime.

Join The Register and data security company Rubrik in this webinar as we discuss:

  • The challenges facing companies that need to protect, track and audit the increasing volume of data being collected, stored and processed in on- and off-premise IT environments.
  • The importance of restoring application, system and data access quickly following cyber security incidents to minimise operational disruption, limit reputational damage and keep customers onboard.
  • How Rubrik’s data observability engine maps and monitors the integrity of sensitive data in line with data protection/governance legislation and warns IT departments of potential vulnerabilities.