The promise of on-prem storage as a service

Making data infrastructure invisible


The need for security or low latency or compliance means 70% of enterprise apps and data remain on prem. You shouldn’t have to give up on the advantages of cloud storage: paying only for what you use, scale on-demand, automatic provisioning.

You shouldn’t have to, but you do.

Managing on-prem storage is still an overcomplicated, manual, inefficient business. That’s why storage as a service (STaaS) is so alluring, offering pay-as-you-go flexibility. But most STaaS is expensive, can’t deliver the self-service agility and 100% availability that critical apps require, doesn’t optimise performance automatically, and so doesn’t eliminate the need for skilled staff to manage it.

HPE claims HPE GreenLake for Block Storage finally delivers the STaaS we all deserve. In our latest Regcast, we talk to HPE’s Simon Watkins and Matthias Popp about how you can take advantage of STaaS and what it can deliver. You will learn about:

  • STaaS needs, trends and limitations
  • How HPE delivers STaaS with HPE GreenLake for Block Storage
  • How to compare with other on-prem STaaS vendors – and with public cloud storage