The Guide To Protecting AWS Workloads


Published June 2022


Bringing with it the ability to respond to business needs, capture new market opportunities and continuously differentiate business offerings, it’s no wonder cloud computing is the new reality for almost every industry.

With everyone racing to the cloud, mistakes may be made that will affect the security of their workloads and data. Just as the cloud scales development and innovation, it also scales mistakes and misconfigurations.

As an IT leader, you must focus on an effective security and governance strategy not just for the cloud but across the entire IT architecture. You need to understand your organization’s responsibilities for cloud security as well as identify the necessary controls and protections available today for securing your cloud workloads and data.

In “An Executive’s eGuide to Protecting Workloads and Data on AWS,” you’ll learn:

  • Necessary controls to protect your workloads and data
  • How to secure and govern at the speed of the cloud
  • All the responsibilities for cloud security

Get the guide for recommendations and guidance to protect your workloads and data on AWS®.

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