Don’t react, Prevent

Manage security threats when they are on the outside


You have focused on detecting cyber-attacks and responding to them, you might be running out of road by now. Worse, you might not be accurately analysing or modelling your risks, and so it’s time to take a step forward in identifying, simulating, and managing threats.

That’s what inspired Darktrace to create Prevent. This builds on Darktrace’s AI-driven ability to detect and respond to threats with capabilities like attack surface management, attack path management, and intelligent prioritisation. Join Justin Fier from Darktrace as he tells The Reg’s Tim Phillips about the coming storm in cyber-security and how Prevent helps you manage those risks. You will learn:

  • Why detecting and responding isn’t enough.
  • How to reduce risk by adding the ability to analyse, model and prioritize threats.
  • How to integrate Prevent with your security strategy.

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