Pragmatic AIOps: A Buyer’s Guide


Published June 2022


Given the complexity of today’s IT environments and the cost of downtime, many organizations have begun looking to AIOps to provide a solution.

In response, many solution providers have incorporated the term “AIOps” into their tools and offerings, regardless of the underlying technology and presence or effectiveness of their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

Sorting through the marketing and getting something that works can be a minefield for IT Operations leaders looking to automate, which is why BigPanda developed Pragmatic AIOps: A Buyer’s Guide.

This Buyer’s Guide will provide hands-on, practical guidance to ensure your chosen AIOps solution delivers value Specifically, you will learn:.

  • How to assess your readiness for AIOps
  • Desired characteristics of AIOps solutions
  • Required capabilities to deliver value
  • What’s inside BigPanda’s AIOps platform

Download the Buyer’s Guide here.

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