Get the Launchpad for SaaS Success with Temenos Banking Cloud

Ebook/Webcast Series

Published June 2022


Building on over 10 years of cloud leadership, $1 billion in R&D investment and the experience of over 700 SaaS customers ranging from global banks to over 70 challengers, Temenos are delivering the next generation in SaaS, the Temenos Banking Cloud.​

The Temenos Banking Cloud accelerates SaaS and AI adoption giving banks instant access to Sandbox, Banking Services and Marketplace. For the first time banks can now self-provision the most complete banking services at the click of a button.​

With Temenos, banks can innovate in minutes and launch new products in days to achieve the industry’s fastest time to market. With Temenos Banking Cloud, banks can gain business agility to create new revenue streams, massively scale and significantly reduce their cost of operations to 10% of legacy systems.​

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