Agent-based or agentless?

How to choose the best comprehensive cloud security


Cloud native workloads need to be secured, but how? On one hand, agentless scanning helps users discover risks and vulnerabilities without affecting the execution of the instance. But if you require web application and API protection capabilities, and need to continuously monitor requests and block attacks, you’ll need agents.

So which to choose for cloud security? Aqsa Taylor and Ivan Melia of Palo Alto Networks think that you’ll be better off using both. If that sounds expensive and hard to manage, and means that you have to deal with two vendors, they might have some good news for you.

To find out what that news is, tune into our latest Regcast where they will be talking to The Reg’s Tim Phillips about:

  • When is agent-based or agentless better?
  • How can the two approaches work together?
  • How to deploy agentless and agent-based solutions side-by side, without management or cost overhead.