Supply Chain Pain

Crisis through the back door

Supply chain-based cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats facing companies in 2022. What decisions would you make if you were the software development company whose third-party library had been targeted, potentially impacting its entire downstream customer supply chain?

In this webinar from Immersive Labs you will take on the role of CISO at a software development company. Your products are used by organizations across the globe. Your clientele includes Fortune 500 companies. On the 14th February 2022 Microsoft's Security Team informed you they have found a back door in your popular third-party library. This leaves both you and hundreds of thousands of customers who use this app vulnerable to a targeted attack.

Microsoft has given you 5 days grace before they will make the information public in order to help organizations mitigate against future effects.

Those 5 days will be critical. Can your Crisis Management team navigate its way through this crisis, successfully defending its network while also protecting its supply chain, reputation, and brand value?