Happy cloud service providers feed on fast storage

Sponsored by Lightbits Lab


Cloud service providers (CSPs) operate expensive infrastructure, fluctuating revenue and tight margins in fiercely competitive markets with high rates of customer churn. So they need to make sure that the storage architecture they use to host and provision their cloud applications and services offers the best bang per buck balance between cost, reliability, scalability and performance to keep their clients happy and onboard.

This webinar will discuss the extent to which NVMe/TCP storage solutions can meet those exacting requirements.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how low latency, NVMe/TCP-enabled flash storage arrays can be flexible enough to handle CSP/enterprise data traffic in environments ranging from large data centers to smaller on-prem and network edge deployments
  • Understand the cost, convenience and performance advantages of running clustered disaggregated storage over standard TCP/IP networks such as Ethernet
  • clustered disaggregated storage over standard TCP/IP networks such as Ethernet Hear about recent CSP and enterprise deployments which have used NVMe/TCP to host demanding applications and services for external customers and internal business divisions in their public/private/hybrid cloud data centers and server farms
  • Consider why Lightbits offers a good storage solution for organizations running cloud applications and services in VMware vSphere and Tanzu environments, particularly those hosted on Intel high performance hardware platforms


  • Dan Marriott, Internet Infrastructure & Data Center Architect
  • Sagi Grimberg, Chief Technology Officer, Lightbits

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