Orchestrating open-source storage solutions for more efficient IT

Partnered with Intel® and OSNEXUS


This session will discuss open-source software defined storage (SDS) approaches and how they can help organizations future proof their data center storage architectures by reducing hardware vendor lock-in, enabling more flexible capacity provisioning and management, and the automation of self-service processes across on-prem, edge, cloud and data center locations.

It will cover:

  • The difference between SDS and traditional storage configurations, and why SDS can be beneficial for organizations.
  • Scale-up vs scale-out storage and how networking requirements differ for each.
  • The best storage architecture for backup and archive use cases.
  • Challenges of migrating data to SDS from legacy systems and how to overcome them.
  • How Supermicro, Intel® and OSNexus have worked together to optimize their server and storage products to better meet customer SDS requirements.


Martin Courtney, Moderator, The Register

Steven Umbehocker, Founder and CEO, OSNEXUS

Paul Mcleod, Product Director, Supermicro

Sherry Lin, Solution Product Manager, Supermicro