Nipping ransomware in the bud

Detecting pre-ransomware activity


Ransomware is an easy way for attackers to make high returns, and it's not going away.

Your adversary usually relies on stealth, getting in and out without leaving a trace. Ransomware would seem to be the exact opposite. It is designed to be 100% visible to the victim: a ransom note, and an inaccessible computer. But this is only true about the attack payload.

The key to stopping ransomware isn’t focusing on the end of the attack, it’s catching that pre-ransomware activity that makes the attack possible. Detect those threats and you stop the ransomware before it can cause damage. But how? Join Kelly Horsford of Red Canary who will be talking to Reg's Tim Phillips to learn:

  • Key ransomware trends from the Red Canary Threat Intelligence Report
  • Where to look to detect pre-ransomware activity, and how to identify it
  • How managed detection and response (MDR) can supplement your current ransomware defence