Make Your Business Unstoppable Against Ransomware

Why protecting data assets needs a comprehensive Data Security strategy

Managing cyber risk and the needs of your organisation’s business operations calls for a balance between enabling workforce productivity while ensuring the fullest security of your data.

Zero trust security is one of the keys to this – but achieving the promise of zero trust requires more than just infrastructure security – the securing of systems, networks, users and their applications.

Data Security complements traditional infrastructure security to comprehensively protect data assets, secure the business and defend it against cyber attacks such as ransomware.

Data Security is also about making assured data recovery integral to your organisation’s cyber security strategy – and ensuring that your IT and security teams can turn to reliable backups of data assets to get your business back up and running without delay after a potential breach incident.

Join The Register’s James Hayes and Vir Choksi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company™, as they discuss:

  • How to reduce your organization’s data risk by actively monitoring and remediating threats using technologies that continuously surveil and investigate them
  • Calibrate your security so that different types of data assets (such as sensitive data) receive the security cover that’s best suited to them, thereby optimizing security efficiency and investment
  • Easily and affordably leverage Machine Learning to detect data anomalies, impending attacks and other cyber threats
  • Achieving ‘security at the point of data’ – a comprehensive and proven data security strategy that lets you quickly recover your data, wherever it exists, across enterprise, cloud and SaaS