What is confidential computing?

Secure your data in a cloud environment


Enterprises need the highest levels of data privacy to innovate, build, and securely operate their applications. Confidential Computing helps you reach the highest level of privacy for your most sensitive workloads by encrypting data-in-use, allowing you to benefit from added security and run multi-party computation without giving access to your data.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The foundations of confidential computing and why it is a key ingredient for any cloud infrastructure.
  • How organizations across the world and across industries are already leveraging confidential computing for added security and to unlock new opportunities and innovations.
  • How to get started on your confidential computing journey with Azure today – learn how you can take your existing virtual machines, containers, and other application platform capabilities, and make them confidential with the latest innovations brought by Azure confidential computing.

We will be answering there three questions on our latest Regcast with the help of three of the experts in this emerging technology. Join the Reg’s Tim Phillips as he talks to Richard Searle of Fortanix, Ivar Wiersma of R3, and Paul O’Neill of Intel®.