Managing human risk

Turn your primary threat vector into your strongest defence


We’ve said it before, and we’re not the only ones: if you’re trying to secure your data your weakest link is often not the technology — it’s the people who use it. And so for Cybersecurity Awareness Month — that’s October, by the way — is it time to invest more in mitigating the human risk in your organization?

That’s what SANS Security Awareness believes, and so join Lance Spitzner from SANS who will be talking to The Reg’s Tim Phillips about how to understand and evaluate human risk, how to make your users aware of it and its importance, and how to engage them in becoming your strongest defence against malware, particularly ransomware. We will cover:

  • What is human risk, and how to manage it
  • Recruiting the humans in your organization to help secure your data
  • Thinking outside the box to satisfy your security awareness objectives

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