The state of the data race

Using real-time data for resilience and growth


Harnessing real-time data (RTD) – the data that powers recommendations and personalization, or up-to-date inventory and logistics – leads to higher revenue growth and increased developer productivity. But how well is your organization using it, and what are the hurdles and constraints when you seek RTD success?

RTD expert DataStax has the answers: its report The State of the Data Race is based on a survey of more than 500 technology leaders about their strategies for using data in real time, and focuses on what they get right, what happens when they get it right, and how to make your RTD projects work. Join Bryan Kirschner, Vice President Strategy from Datastax and The Reg’s Tim Phillips to learn what the report has to say about:

  • How RTD is taking hold and paying off
  • How it helps developers to do their jobs better
  • Overcoming blockers and barriers to adoption

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