Defending the Expanding Attack Surface

Trend Micro 2022 Midyear Cybersecurity Report

Published September 2022


The first half of 2022 saw large sections of the workforce either returning to the physical workplace or transitioning to a hybrid setup consisting of a combination of both work-from-home (WFH) and on-site work. For many organizations that have transitioned their employees to remote working environments during the past couple of years, these changes mean facing an ever-growing attack surface in the new normal, where security teams must contend with the challenge of defending all possible sections of the IT infrastructure.

In our 2022 midyear roundup, we examine the most significant trends and incidents that influenced the cybersecurity landscape in the first half of the year. We also review our 2022 security predictions to see which ones aligned with the trends in the first six months of the year. Through this report, we hope to enlighten users and organizations not just on the different threats that they face but also the robust security measures and policies that they need to consider to protect their environments and systems in the face of a growing attack surface that requires equally capable and extensive security measures.

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