Build an enterprise-class AI infrastructure stack

You only do it once, so do it right the first time


If your AI activity is stuck at the test stage, or your data scientists are shouldering the DevOps burden instead of delivering results, you’re not alone. Building the AI infrastructure to support your AI initiatives isn’t child’s play.

So if you want to create an AI centre of excellence, but are lost in the weeds (or don’t know where to start), we can help you get on the right path or embark on your journey with confidence. Join the Reg’s Tim Phillips who will be talking to Michael Balint of NVIDIA and Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn from Run:ai about their experience in using Run:ai Atlas with NVIDIA’s suite of hardware solutions to build a cloud-native AI infrastructure platform that delivers RoI from model training to deployment. They will discuss:

  • Why so many AI projects get stuck
  • The right foundation to take AI into production at scale
  • How to create your own AI infrastructure stack