Next-gen email encryption changes the game

How to build a business case for it


Whether your priority is regulation, customer satisfaction or a digital transformation, you need to improve data security across every environment. Email security is the next generation of cybersecurity. But what do you need, and how do you make the business case?

Many leaders think of a business case as a one-time checklist item. But if you want to increase the likelihood of success, it’s better to think about your email encryption lifecycle from building consensus to running the pilot to a full implementation. How do you do this?

Chris Peel of EchoWorx and Felix Mason, an independent consultant who has worked with many large organisations will be giving the Reg’s Tim Phillips a masterclass in building next-gen encryption business cases. You will learn:

  • Why email encryption is fundamental to your data protection strategy
  • Building a compelling business case
  • Piloting and implementing your strategy