Securing Application Identities in 2023

Five Trends…And a Prediction


By 2023, non-human identities – meaning applications, workloads, devices, and the secrets contained therein – will make up nearly 98% of the total identities in your company.

For the CISO and their team, the mandate is clear: secure all application identities everywhere. But when held up against the overall mission of the CIO – increasing speed of development – companies have often been forced into an either/or choice: security or speed.

But what if you could have both?

Join Kurt Sand, General Manager of DevSecOps at CyberArk, as he sits down with The Reg’s Tim Phillips to discuss the top emerging trends in the DevSecOps space, along with one big future prediction. In addition to discussions on alignment of the Security and DevOps mindsets, you’ll also hear more about:

  • Automation and policy-as-code
  • A new “SaaS” – Secrets as a Service
  • Tips on how to effectively partner in this new world