Supercomputing from Idea to Reality

Turning fiction into fact

What’s it like to design and build the biggest computers in the world?

We’re talking about system designs that depend on technology that often hasn’t even been invented yet – much less tested. Customers put forward ambitious performance requirements, pushing the envelope almost to the point of breaking it, but also requiring vendors to conform to their energy, facility and budget limitations. Vendors commit to hit these goals and then race to hit milestones to keep the project on track.

In this webcast, recorded live at the SC10 show, we pull back the curtain and look at how these systems go from a gleam in an architect’s eye all the way to the Top500 list.

We're talking to representatives from NERSC (US National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center), Cray and AMD in order to understand the process and learn the ins and outs of large-scale HPC. It’s a fascinating topic and well worth the time.

The event is free to watch, so click below.

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