Connecting the Cross-Device Dots for Retail | Slide Deck

Bringing every customer touchpoint into a single view

Published February 2023


These slides support a webinar brought to you by Situation Publishing and sponsor MongoDB.

Retailers with wide-spanning operations and years of business have had to learn quickly to adapt to a changing consumer landscape. Customers and retailers alike have expectations of experiences that can follow them wherever they are, which can create challenges for retailers that only have a single touchpoint.

There are solutions that can snap together multiple points of customer engagement. Services like Atlas Device Sync can keep all data up-to-date across a number of platforms, from multiple devices, users, and various elements of backend infrastructure. This makes development easier and ensures performance and consistency as users seamlessly sync data between a client-side database and a fully managed backend in Atlas, even in offline settings.

Join host Nicole Hemsoth of Situation Publishing and Ranjan Moses, Global Head of Presales & Solutions at WeKan Enterprise Solutions as we walk through how retailers can accelerate and simplify development and streamline retail operations with a single touchpoint.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The value of having a reactive, real-time mobile experience across devices coupled with a backend like MongoDB Atlas.
  • How this data is managed and streamlined and what customer outcomes can be expected.
  • Describe how Device Sync can open the data generated on mobile devices to a full range of Atlas services to further build rich insights.
  • What it means to have search, analytics, data transformation, and visualization on hand and in a flexible, high performance environment.