Down With Hype!

Cybersecurity: How To Do More With Less


Have you ever noticed how much hype and complexity there seems to be in cybersecurity? How every attacker is "sophisticated", and every attack "advanced"? How every new solution is a "silver bullet", and how it seems you're supposed to be chopping and changing your security setup all the time if you don't want to be left behind?

But none of these so-called silver bullets, from password managers and intrusion detectors to automation and AI, is going to do the job on its own. Nor is trying to purchase, integrate and manage every security technology because, even if you had the time, you don’t have the people or the money to make it work.

So how can you simplify your security? What are the smart decisions to make, and how do you choose what to do yourself, and what to buy as a service? Join Paul Ducklin from Sophos and The Reg’s Tim Phillips who will try to cure your security headache. They will discuss:

  • Today’s and tomorrow’s most important threats.
  • Which tools to choose, and how to cut complexity.
  • DIY or as a service?