State of Storage

Sponsored by Hammerspace

Storage is one of the three pillars in the datacenter, alongside compute and networking. We want to understand what is going on in the storage industry and are sitting down with a panel of experts to try to suss that out.

Specifically, we want to know what the next big things are going to be in terms of data formats, media, and interconnects and how these will all come together to build high performance and scalable storage platforms. CXL is a big factor, but it is not a panacea. We also want to understand the evolution of storage in the cloud and how companies are wrestling with data gravity as they weigh on premises versus cloud storage.

Please join Timothy Prickett Morgan of The Next Platform on a panel that includes:

Camberley Bates, Managing Director of Evaluator Group
Greg Schulz, Analyst at StorageIO
Scott Sinclair, Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group
Molly Presley, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Hammerspace