Email security for every threat

Protecting against evolving BEC.


Email is the vector for 94% of cyberattacks, and the methods keep evolving. So, you need to protect your users’ email inbox, but you can’t do it by relying upon data from past attacks alone.

In the era of generative AI attacks leveraging tools such as Chat GPT, your email security needs to understand the difference between a legitimate communication and a credible impersonation, to decide which links and URLs are suspicious, and to spot never-before-seen attacks. It needs to learn you, your security team, your business, and your users, to autonomously deliver precise and effective cyber actions.

We ask, is this possible?

Darktrace thinks so, and this is exactly what Darktrace/Email claims to do, using AI to uniquely learn ‘you’ to find subtle signs of email attacks that would otherwise slip through the net.

Join Pieter Jansen, SVP Cyber Innovation and Carlos Gray, Email SME from Darktrace and The Reg’s Tim Phillips as they discuss the future of email security.

You will learn about:

  • The shifting email conversations
  • The evolving risks and threats that CISOs need to worry about
  • Why AI-powered email security that understands you, is essential