Achieve sustainability goals while managing data growth

Have cake eat cake


If your organisation wants to make it to Net Zero, then management’s beady eye is fixed on the data centre. A meaningful commitment to Net Zero also means signing up to science-based targets. Suddenly, you have to account for your emissions in scope 1 (what you emit), scope 2 (the emissions caused by your electricity), and scope 3 (all other emissions in your value chain).

Wait, what? Scope 3 are usually the biggest component of your carbon footprint, but how do you account for them, and how does that fit into a credible plan to reach Net Zero while your data needs continue to increase? You can’t kick the carbon can down the road, so join David Locke, EMEA Chief Technology Advisor at WWT and Patrick Smith, EMEA Field CTO at Pure Storage and The Reg’s Tim Phillips, who will be discussing:

  • What is Net Zero, and is it compatible with data growth?
  • What are Scope 3 emissions and how do you measure them?
  • Making a plan to reach Net Zero