Delivering Generative AI in 2023



This year, more enterprises than ever will race to infuse their business with generative AI to enhance customer interactions, improve data discovery and streamline operations. Ensuring that IT estates are purpose-fit is a major challenge. Getting there requires advanced infrastructure that integrates high-performance storage and accelerated computing that can rapidly deliver insights from oceans of data. That’s where NAS solutions from VAST Data combined with accelerated computing from NVIDIA leads the way.

The rapid increase in generative AI and HPC use-cases across industries and sectors is compelling IT leaders to provision and scale high-performance infrastructure that’s designed to support AI-powered business initiatives. Delivering the agility and scalability needed for this new wave of highly challenging Machine Learning/Deep Learning application workloads calls for optimal specifications throughout the enterprise IT estate – and performance-optimised data storage systems and large scale computing infrastructure are key to successful implementations.

For this reason, VAST Data has collaborated closely with NVIDIA to achieve the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD certification. Together, the market leaders have developed a solution capable of virtually limitless levels of scale and performance that’s also simple and resilient in operation. Working together they can help any enterprise to set-up GPU-powered platforms – computing, networking and storage – that easily enables AI-ready clouds wherever they’re needed.

The Register’s James Hayes is joined by VAST Data’s John Mao, VP, Global Business Development, and NVIDIA’s Tony Paikeday, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Artificial Intelligence Systems, for an interactive discussion on the key issues facing enterprises leveraging AI now and into the future.

You will discover:

  • How VAST Data and NVIDIA are helping companies prepare for, and tap into the power of generative AI
  • The key IT infrastructure challenges faced as businesses race to prototype and deploy AI-powered apps into their business models
  • How VAST Data and NVIDIA can take the guesswork out of your journey to AI solutions with validated DGX SuperPOD architectures