Defending Against Business Email Compromise

A despatch from the phishing frontline


Email is still the most exploited business application, and it’s one of the hardest applications to secure. Business email compromise (BEC) has caused $50 billion in losses in the last decade. That’s costlier than ransomware. And, in 2023, it is still growing rapidly.

Cloudflare surveyed 316 security decision-makers across North America, EMEA, and APAC5 about the state of phishing for its 2023 Phishing Threats Report. Oren Falkowitz of Cloudflare is on the security frontline every day, so join him and the Reg’s Tim Phillips as they discuss what the report tells us: the revealing insights on which threats are on the rise and hardest to defend against, and practical tips on how to stay safe. You will hear:

  • The most common and dangerous ways that attackers use BEC
  • The latest innovations in deception
  • How to secure your organisation