Make cloud migrations easier and cost-effective with VMware Cloud on AWS

Why moving applications from on-premises to the AWS Cloud calls for trusted infrastructure tools.


When it comes to migrating on-premises workloads to cloud environments, businesses look for proven solutions providing flexible and resilient functionality to achieve operational goals while keeping costs down.

VMware Cloud™ on AWS is an integrated cloud offering that provides enterprises with a scalable solution to migrate and extend on-premises environments to the AWS Cloud while mitigating migration challenges.

VMware Cloud on AWS combines VMware’s compute, storage, and network virtualization products along with VMware vCenter Server management and optimizes them to run on dedicated and elastic bare metal AWS infrastructure.

With its core technical features and capabilities, VMware Cloud on AWS provides a scalable solution to migrate and extend on-premises vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud, along with optimized access to AWS services and solutions.

As this webinar will explain, the VMware Cloud on AWS cloud infrastructure service also offers functionality that can extend application lifecycles. And it brings cost controls, in terms of reduced application refactoring, data center OPEX, and operational downtime.

You’re invited to join The Register’s James Hayes and VMware Staff Cloud Solutions Architect Oleg Ulyanov as they highlight the current state of cloud migration challenges and show how VMware Cloud on AWS addresses these concerns for VMware user organizations.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How leading enterprises use VMware Cloud on AWS to run, manage, and protect their critical vSphere workloads across multiple use cases.
  • How VMware Cloud on AWS provides consistent and interoperable infrastructure and services between VMware-based datacenters and the AWS cloud, reducing complexity and risks across diverse environments.
  • How VMware Cloud on AWS improves migration ROI by reducing application redesign need, datacenter costs, and operational downtime, and helps meet sustainability targets.