Bringing AI to your data

The efficient and secure route to GenAI


Generative AI it’s all the rage right now, all those models and methods. But when the novelty of it being new wears off what’s behind your organization’s success with Generative AI? It’s your data. That’s what makes what happens next so tricky. Who do you trust with that data, where can it be best used, and how can you protect all that intellectual property?

Join Nick Brackney from Dell, who will be explaining to The Reg’s Tim Phillips why the most sensible strategy might be bringing AI to your data.

  • Unique challenges of Generative AI that can be magnified in cloud
  • Why you don’t need 1.7 Trillion parameters to deliver the GenAI your organization needs
  • Why the data center and hybrid models offer some unique advantages
  • And why the fastest and easiest POC and implementation may be found in an unlikely place