Prevent data exfiltration

When intruders get in, make sure nothing gets out


The goal of any cyberattack is data theft. If intruders get into your network – and let’s face it, they’re probably already there – then the way to thwart their attack is to prevent them taking your data. Without data exfiltration there is no extortion, and no ransom to pay. And when cybercriminals can’t steal data, they move on to the next target.

Yet most security solutions target incoming traffic and perimeter defense, usually using dictionaries of attack signatures. BlackFog takes a different approach with on-device anti data exfiltration (ADX) technology leveraging AI based behavioural analytics to limit the ability for any users, even administrators, to send unauthorized data outside the network.

Dr Darren Williams, Founder & CEO of BlackFog, argues that this is the most efficient and successful way to secure all your devices and data. Join our latest live RegCast to hear him challenge the status quo when it comes to cybersecurity defence to the Reg’s Tim Phillips. You will hear:

  • Why traditional AV solutions cannot stop AI-enhanced intruders
  • Why ADX technology is the best defence against ransomware and extortion
  • How you can most effectively secure your data