How to accelerate your adoption of generative AI

Easily, securely integrate AI into your products and services


Foundation models can provide significant advantages for enterprises looking to integrate generative AI into their process and applications. These models are multimodal, they can generate text, images, code and audio. If you’re not a tech titan like Google or Meta, how would you choose the foundation model that best aligns with your performance, latency, and cost requirements? For example, how can you customize pretrained models like Llama 2 for specific tasks using your data for finetuning?

Join HPE experts in this webinar to learn how to accelerate your adoption of foundation models and generative AI into your products and services by:

  • Understanding the role and applicability of techniques such as prompt engineering, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and fine tuning.
  • Reducing the time, cost and infrastructure burden to get started quickly with a managed services approach.
  • Customize foundation models on your data and make them an expert on your business.