Using AI To Simplify Wi-Fi Networking

Empowering IT Teams To Take Back Time


Deploying and managing wireless protocols can be a complex task. If you are familiar with technical terms such as RADIUS, DHCP, DNS, and ARP, you know these protocols are just the tip of the iceberg. Transmitting data wirelessly involves numerous additional steps, with each step changing depending on factors like Wi-Fi generation, network health, and RF performance.

Effectively managing Wi-Fi networks can present a dual challenge. Not only does it require attention to complex detail, but navigating through technical issues enhances confusion. Often network professionals don’t have a thorough understanding of the processes required for each client in all situations, making it extremely difficult to identify the root cause of issues. Are user complaints stemming from a network failure? Maybe a misbehaving client? And how can we expect our help desk teams to efficiently solve these problems if they too don’t have full understanding.

Fortunately, AI brings immense value to the table when it comes to the setup, optimization, and troubleshooting of enterprise networks. AI has the capability to discern the impact of latency, misbehaving clients, and sluggish network services on user experience, sparing you from having to dissect these complexities.

Join us in our latest Regcast, where Jonathan Davis from Juniper Networks engages in a conversation with The Reg's Tim Phillips to delve into:

  • The challenges associated with configuring, diagnosing, and supporting Wi-Fi networks
  • How AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) can enhance visibility and productivity
  • Leveraging AI to proactively solve and prevent network problems