Why You Need an XBOM: An eXtended Software Bill of Materials

Sponsored by Apiiro


Since the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity was released, the cybersecurity world has been thrown into an SBOM frenzy. They are now non-negotiable for satisfying regulatory and buyer requirements, but beyond that, SBOMs only provide a sliver of insight into interconnected and ever-changing application attack surfaces.

To get accurate and comprehensive visibility across your application, infrastructure, and pipeline components, you need an eXtended software bill of materials. XBOMs build on top of SBOMs to provide an exhaustive inventory of all your application and supply chain components, their associated risks, and how they change over time. Join this session to learn what your SBOM is missing and how having an XBOM can take your application and supply chain security program to the neXt level.