ESG and economic uncertainty: A balancing act

Sustainable strategies for sustainability


The economic pressure on your business means we’re all having to make difficult choices. More than ever we need to demonstrate measurable value through innovation and improvement in every area – and your ESG strategy is no exception.

If you’re tempted to back off from your ESG commitments, consider this: according to a survey conducted by Virgin Media O2 Business: while 88% of UK organisations believe their ESG goals at least partially align with their customers’ expectations, only 12% of consumers believe companies are taking significant action on social and environmental issues. And 1 in 4 organisations have no ESG strategy in place at all. Instead of doing less, we should all be doing better.

But overcoming the challenges of reducing – or even measuring – a carbon footprint, or meeting employee and customer expectations of social and governance commitments, isn’t easy at the best of times. And, economically, these are not the best of times.

So, join Dana Haidan, the director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Virgin Media O2, and Dario Talmesio, research director, Service Provider Strategy & Regulation, Omdia, for our latest live event. They will be talking to Tim Phillips about how companies like yours can strike a balance between doing good and doing well. We will be discussing:

  • Meeting the measurement challenge
  • Delivering social value
  • Tackling the problem of e-waste