Achieve Zero Trust Connectivity without Compromising Digital Experience

Remote employees need secure networks that enable them to get the job done – without causing risks or productivity limits. Secure network operations are critical – here’s why.


The majority of IT decision makers believe hybrid working is now a mainstay of global employment. But this shift has occurred in a rapid and unplanned way, and has left many enterprise IT infrastructures overextended and prone to security breaches. A high number of enterprise leaders believe remote workers pose a greater security risk than onsite employees.

CISO teams look to network professionals to take a frontline role in addressing these new security challenges – but network operations teams need to be able to take properly informed actions.

Join this Register webinar in which Zscaler expert speakers Krishnan Badrinarayanan and Harsha Nagaraju will explain how to:

  • Enforce secure app access by connecting remote and in-office users directly to any app, while eliminating traffic backhaul and reducing latency.
  • Detect and fix issues impacting end-user experience and employee productivity with end-to-end visibility across networks, devices and apps.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by replacing legacy VPNs, firewalls and monitoring tools with a consolidated cloud-native solution.