Is Your Organization A Target?


Published January 2024


Advanced threat techniques developed to target large enterprises are constantly evolving. But too many organizations are still relying on yesterday’s security technologies to protect against today’s cybercrime. The key to detecting targeted attacks lies in the ability to detect those subtle changes in systems behaviour that are indicative of a breach. Once a threat is detected, mitigation must go hand in hand with threat analysis. That way, the knowledge and experience gained serves to continuously refine your security strategy

With a unique combination of technologies and services – all underpinned by world-leading security intelligence – Kaspersky help organizations to mitigate the risks, detect targeted attacks at an earlier stage, deal with live attacks and improve protection against future attacks

Your way to XDR – Revolutionize the way your IT security experts take control of complex incidents with Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response (XDR): a comprehensive defensive concept that equips, informs and guides your team in their fight against the most sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks. The XDR platform features a perfectly matched combination of industry-leading tech, elite threat intelligence, human expertise, training, and services, backed by the greatest minds in cybersecurity. Our holistic approach nurtures your team’s cybersecurity power over multi-dimensional threat discovery, effective investigations, proactive threat hunting, delivering a rapid, centralized response to the full spectrum of modern threats.

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