State of Linux in the Public Cloud

Annual review

Published January 2024


More and more workloads are moving to public cloud environments. In the 2021 Linux® market study by Management Insight Technologies, an internal market survey conducted on behalf of Red Hat, more than half of respondents said that they expected to move a workload from the datacenter to a cloud environment in the next year. Further, more than half of respondents are taking a hybrid strategy–a combination of on-premise and cloud environments with workloads and data migrating between them.

This hybrid model gives organizations the flexibility they need to evolve, adapt, and make purposeful IT decisions based on their organizational objectives instead of infrastructure requirements.

When it comes to hybrid cloud success, consistency is key. That consistency starts with Linux. When an operating environment is flexible, consistent, resilient, and security-focused, the overall application and user environments inherit that consistency. When an organization moves to a public cloud environment, that consistency empowers it to retain skills, standards, business processes and best practices.