From APIs to Zero Trust: Secure your AI

Don’t be Exposed by AI Innovation


Companies everywhere are already using a number of AI tools, whether they know it or not. And you can now rapidly and inexpensively train, validate, and deploy your own AI models and applications. But how much attention are you giving to securing them too?

When the pace of innovation and development is fast, and the teams and perhaps the tools you are using are new and unproven, in what ways can AI expose you to cyber attacks? What processes and services can help you secure your business, and safely realize the benefits of the technology? Join John Engates, Field CTO at Cloudflare, who will be talking to The Reg’s Tim Phillips about the risks and managing them effectively.

CloudFlare is protecting many of the largest and most popular AI applications today. In this discussion you will learn:

  • How consuming and deploying AI can increase your attack surface in unexpected ways.
  • The tools, techniques and services that minimize or eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Practical steps to secure your use of AI.

Whether you're a tech professional or a business leader, this session will provide you with essential insights to safeguard your AI initiatives.

We invite you to join the conversation and bring your questions!