Understanding NIS2

What AppSec teams need to know about Europe’s cybersecurity directive


The EU NIS2 Directive has been designed to bolster the cyber security of critical infrastructure. NIS2 becomes law in October 2024, and more than 160,000 companies will be affected, with a maximum €10 million fine for non-compliance.

NIS2 expands NIS security requirements, the scope of covered organisations and sectors. It is designed to improve the security of supply chains, simplify reporting obligations, and enforce more stringent measures and sanctions throughout Europe. If you work in one of those 160,000 organisations, you will need to prepare, and demonstrate, that you take compliance seriously and have taken appropriate actions before October.

First step, tune into this webcast on 28th February, 2024, at 1pm GMT/8am ET/5am PT, where Dr. Carsten Huth, Global Head of AppSec Advisory at Checkmarx and Reinier Landsman Managing Director & Co-founder at Cert2Connect delve into the details of the Directive with the Reg’s Tim Phillips. You will learn:

  • About the relevant articles, and what this means for AppSec
  • What you need to be aware of and how to prepare
  • How to address the Directive’s mandates